About Sportyfied

Sportyfied is an online sports store with its primary focus on providing sports clubs and companies with high quality products to best prices on the market and accompanied with extrodinary service.

Sportyfied is founded by athletes with the goal of providing the optimal products for sports clubs. As customer at Sportyfied a sports club gains access to a wide array of unique products which is advantageous for both the club and all its members. For instance:


  • The clubs personal webshop, driven and paid for by Sportyfied.
  • The clubs own clothing line, customized in cooperation with the club.
  • Some of the markets best prices on clothes and prints.
  • Sportyfied always has the needs of the clubs as the main focus and strives to provide the best service possible.
At Sportyfied we want to honor our club partnerships for the sale your members generate on your website. Therefore we offer the clubs a bonus of the sale generated on the clubs website.
If you and/or your club is interested in learning more about Sportyfied and our products you are more than welcome to contact us by email:


KONTAKT@SPORTYFIED.COM  / (0045) 7070 7989.

Søren Herskind
CEO / Sportyfied

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